Pennington 8005AA Blades


Price includes customized cups


  • 7000 aluminum tube, 110 HB hardness
  • Engineered double “A” cup-posts structure
  • PM blades(Tu Long blades): 63-64 HRC hardness, with option of 66-68 HRC hardness
  • customized cups available
  • pre-bent
  • scale on the tube

Mag Sport Evaluation:

Pennington 8005AA blades are named for their double “A” shape cup-posts.This engineered structure went through stress test, brings out the optimal bending results around the posts. The company’s new engineering team went through numerous deformation and stress tests on various combination of different grades of aluminium and steel, aiming to find an ideal ¬†interaction between, and a smooth force transition from and to, the tubes and blades. 8005AA blades adopt the highest manufacturing engineering among all blades made by Pennington Skates by far.

They fit for skaters at levels of training to train, learning to compete, training to compete, learning to win and training to win. The combination of 8005 tubes and Tu Long Blades holds a consistent bend, ensure edge sharpness and reduce excessive vibration while skating. The scale on the tube are permanently marked, which could increase the accuracy of the tune-up.

Additional information

Blade Sizes

, , , ,

Cup Sizes

+2mm, +3mm, +4mm, +5mm, Regular

Blades Hardness

63-64 HRC, 66-68 HRC


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